South Forsyth Veterinary Staff

Registered Veterinary Technicians

The staff at South Forsyth Animal HospitalLaura Ballantyne, RVT

Laura Ballantyne started working at South Forsyth Animal Hospital in May of 2007. She has over 15 years of experience in the animal care field. In addition to being a registered veterinary technician in the state of Georgia, Laura also has a Bachelor's degree in marketing and communications from the University of Nebraska and an Associate's degree in applied science from Gwinnett Technical College.

Laura's responsibilities include anesthesia induction monitoring, performing dental prophylaxis, and assisting veterinarians during surgery. She particularly enjoys working with feline patients.

At home Laura has two cats named Luna and Mags. Laura enjoys running, boating, and traveling in her free time.

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The staff at South Forsyth Animal HospitalErin Kutner, RVT

Erin Kutner has worked at South Forsyth Animal Hospital since July of 2008. She has dual Associate's degrees in Veterinary Technology and Health Sciences. In addition to being licensed in the state of Georgia, she also passed the Veterinary Technician National Exam in 2008.

"My co-workers are like my second family," says Erin. "I'm one of those lucky people who wakes up every morning looking forward to their job. I enjoy the variety my profession brings, and I love working with a great team that provides high-quality veterinary care."

At home, Erin has two cats: Tynan and Bayo. In her free time she enjoys shopping, fishing, watching movies, going to the beach, and spending time with her husband Stephen and two sons Liam and Eli.

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The staff at South Forsyth Animal HospitalKim Gunter, RVT

Kim Gunter joined our team in November of 2013 and has 25 years of experience in the animal care field. Her favorite parts of her job are assisting in surgeries, dental procedures, and caring for hospitalized patients. She is a licensed technician in the state of Georgia.

"I really like how each employee treats every pet as if they were their own," says Kim. "I appreciate the quality of veterinary care at South Forsyth Animal Hospital, which helps further my knowledge."

At home Kim has four dogs: Reine, a Rottweiler, Brody, a toy fox terrier, Champ, a German Shepherd, and Harley, a Golden Retriever. She also has two cats, Pollen and Tinsel. In her free time Kim enjoys boating, cooking, and spending time with her husband, daughter, and son.

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The staff at South Forsyth Animal HospitalJennifer Port, RVT

Jennifer Port joined the staff at South Forsyth Animal Hospital in January 2017. As a registered veterinary technician, her responsibilities include obtaining patient histories, assisting doctors during appointments, venipuncture, placing catheters, performing lab work, monitoring patients during surgery, filling medications, caring for hospitalized patients and interacting with our clients. Jennifer is fluent in conversational Spanish, and her favorite part of the job is interacting with all our patients and clients.

“I have met the nicest clients at South Forsyth Animal Hospital, and one of the most knowledgeable, sweetest staffs I have ever had the pleasure of working with,” Jennifer says. “The medicine that is practiced here is absolutely top-notch.”

Jennifer holds a Master’s degree in Middle Grades Education from the University of Florida. At home, she has a pit bull mix named Sachi, a pit bull mix named Loki and a domestic shorthair cat named Yoshi. Jennifer goes to Cross Fit five times a week and absolutely loves it (and despite what people think, it’s not a cult). She also enjoys walking and snuggling with her dogs.

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Rebecca Fuller, RVT

Rebecca Fuller has worked in the animal field for over 20 years and joined the South Forsyth Veterinary team in February 2020. As a veterinary technician, she is responsible for patient care, lab work, and surgical assistance. “Everyone is so kind and compassionate,” she says. “Both doctors and staff come with years of experience and we offer top of the line veterinary care.” At home, Rebecca has a golden retriever named Marley and four cats named Tony, Toby, Kitty Kitty, and Jello. During her free time, she enjoys running and hiking with her dog Marley, water sports, and spending time with her family.

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Veterinary Technicians

The staff at South Forsyth Animal HospitalMary Beth Molzer, Veterinary Technician

Client and patient care is one of the most important aspects of Mary Beth’s position here at South Forsyth Animal Hospital. As a veterinary technician, Mary Beth is responsible for chemotherapy treatment and duties associated with being the AAHA coordinator. However, it is interacting with our clients, patients, and fellow staff members that Mary Beth considers the most enjoyable aspect of her job.

"The care at this practice extends from doctor to staff," says Mary Beth. "Patients and clients are treated with the respect and are given individualized attention, and they receive outstanding medical care from the doctors. There is an exceptional staff here, and I love all of the talented and compassionate doctors and staff I work with."

At home Mary Beth has a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Crosby, a Golden Retriever named Millie and a cat named Vespa. She enjoys creative activities, scrapbooking, quilting, and spending time with her husband, son, and daughter.

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William Case Hillier, Veterinary Technician

Case Hillier is one of our part-time Veterinary Technicians. Case has been volunteering and working with South Forsyth Animal Hospital since 2007 and grew up in the animal field helping his mother for as long as he can remember. Some of Case’s responsibilities at the hospital include assisting the veterinarians by collecting and maintaining patient records, administering medications and treatments, taking radiographs, preparing patients for examinations, collecting test samples, and more. He posses a B.S. in Biomedical Science from Troy University and has been accepted to the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine's Class of 2022.

His favorite aspect about working at South Forsyth Animal Hospital is being able to help animals in need and watching families reunite with their pets after a healthy recovery. “South Forsyth Animal Hospital is unique not only because of the extensive experience of the veterinarians and veterinary staff,” Case says, “but also the dedication of all our employees to patient care and showing compassion to all pets and their families.”

In his free time, Case enjoys running, and working out, and considers healthy living a great passion of his. Case also enjoys reading about current events and emerging information. He has 3 cats and 3 dogs, most of whom are family pets. Momba, a feline, is a rescue that Case brought home from Troy University as another member of their furry family.

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The staff at South Forsyth Animal HospitalKevin Stoyak, Veterinary Technician

Kevin joined our staff in August as a full-time Veterinary Technician. He has 27 years of experience as an assistant and technician, working most recently as office manager and technician at Easton Veterinary Clinic in Easton, Connecticut. Some of his responsibilities include patient care, lab work and surgical assistance. Kevin loves that the hospital is AHAA certified and describes the hospital as a “very pleasant place to work.”

At home, Kevin cares for five cats of his own, Lil’ Lily, Mr. Jynx, Tigress, Mischief and Mickey. Kevin enjoys spending his free time hiking, geocaching, kayaking and collecting matchbox cars. Kevin also spends time volunteering as a firefighter and EMT.

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Veterinary Assistants

The staff at South Forsyth Animal HospitalTownes Nicole Hillier, Veterinary Assistant

Townes Nicole Hillier is a veterinary assistant at South Forsyth Animal Hospital. She is a pre-veterinary student at Mississippi State University and has worked in veterinary hospitals since 2007.

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The staff at South Forsyth Animal HospitalPatti Barber, Veterinary Assistant

Patti Barber is one of South Forsyth Animal Hospital's skilled veterinary assistants. She enjoys helping sick pets while working with "great team members." Her responsibilities include handling pets and assisting the veterinarians and technicians. Patti also fills in at the front desk when needed, assisting with phone calls, scheduling patients and check-outs. She has several years of experience in the animal-care field and joined South Forsyth Animal Hospital in 2016.

"I like keeping pets healthy, and witnessing the results in healing ailing pets is very rewarding," said Patti. "Also, seeing clients satisfied with their experience for their furry family member is wonderful."

At home, Patti has a pit bull named Bama and two Chihuahuas, Sonny and Molly. When she’s not at work, she enjoys camping, hiking, traveling, playing with her pets and spending time with her husband Ralph, son Trey and friends.

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Ashleigh Budke, Veterinary Assistant

Ashleigh Budke has worked at South Forsyth Animal Hospital since April 2019. A veterinary assistant, Ashleigh is responsible for various tasks including holding patients for exams, taking vitals during surgery, setting up surgery, and sterilizing surgical tools. The best part of her job is getting to interact with a variety of cats and dogs, as well as taking vitals and witnessing amazing surgeries that save pets.

“Everyone is kind and compassionate. The doctors and staff all care on a level I haven’t seen before at an animal hospital,” Ashleigh says. “Every day is different, and I’m constantly being challenged and learning something new, which I love and enjoy.”

Ashleigh has a Bachelor of Science from Middle Tennessee State University and has been working in the animal field for about four years. At home, Ashleigh has four dogs. Two boxers named Roxxy and Brynlee, a boxer/lab named Jaeger, and a chihuahua named Alfie. She also has four cats; a grey tabby named Misty, two domestic long hairs named Marley and Minxie, and a tortie cat. During her free time, she likes spending time with her family and friends, visiting Helen or Dahlonega, watching YouTube, shopping, going to concerts, and traveling.

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Client Services

The staff at South Forsyth Animal HospitalMeghan Riegler, Receptionist

Receptionist Meghan Riegler has been a full-time team member at South Forsyth Animal Hospital since March of 2017. Possessing 3 years of experience in the animal related field, Meghan is responsible for handling the phones, providing customer service, ordering office supplies, and auditing charts. Meghan’s favorite part about her job is being able to meet so many great people who love their pets as much as Meghan loves her own.

Every day Meghan brings in a smiling face that lets our clients and their pets know they are in good hands. When asked about working for South Forsyth Animal Hospital, Meghan says, “Everyone at South Forsyth Animal Hospital is so kind and helpful. Drs. Hillier, O'Neal and Cook are amazing veterinarians and they treat each patient as if they were their own. I feel blessed to work in such a welcoming environment where clients and employees are one big family.”

Outside of the hospital, Meghan enjoys spending her free time riding horses, walking, watching movies, and spending time with her friends or family. She also enjoys looking after Shadow, her flat coated retriever, who likes to accompany Meghan on walks and swims.

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The staff at South Forsyth Animal HospitalCynthia Pries, Receptionist

As one of our hard-working receptionists here at South Forsyth Animal Hospital Cynthia Pries loves building relationships with our clients and their pets. Some of Cynthia’s responsibilities as a member of our client services team involve providing the highest standards of hospitality and care, scheduling appointments, answering phones, and administering effective and understandable client education. Cynthia holds a bachelor’s degree in Special Education and has great communications skills.

Cynthia has been working in the animal related field for close to 3 decades and has proven herself to be a valuable member of our team since joining in December of 2017. She has worked with numerous organizations including Little Shelter Animal Rescue, Okeanos Ocean Research Foundation and Volunteers for Wildlife in New York before relocating to Georgia. When asked what’s different about working with South Forsyth Animal Hospital Cynthia says, “We all share the same vision and are dedicated to our clients and patients.”

At home, Cynthia owns a domestic short hair cat named Isabelle, who she loves to cuddle up with. In her down time Cynthia enjoys gardening, bird watching, hiking, geocaching, cooking and baking.

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The staff at South Forsyth Animal HospitalLisa Kramer, Receptionist

South Forsyth Animal Hospital is happy to introduce Lisa Kramer! Lisa joined our team as a part-time Receptionist in August of 2019. She is responsible for scheduling appointments, answering phones, greeting clients as they come in, and assisting our visitors with anything they may need while they wait in our office. We are so grateful for her wonderful, welcoming attitude and her talent for facilitating a positive experience for all of our clients and their pets. Lisa has an Associates's degree in Art from the College of DuPage in Wheaton, IL.

When asked why she enjoys working at South Forsyth Animal Hospital, Lisa said that all of the doctors and staff are very friendly and provide excellent care for their patients. The environment is warm and welcoming, and the community feels just like a family. We are so happy to have Lisa as part of the South Forsyth Animal Hospital family! Lisa has three pets of her own: Cider (6-year-old Orange Tabby), Theo (4-year-old Russian Blue Tuxedo), and Charlie (2-year-old Papillion Chihuahua mix). In her free time, Lisa enjoys reading, gardening, playing piano, baking, hiking, and spending time with her family and friends.

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The staff at South Forsyth Animal HospitalBeth Sowell, Volunteer

Beth Sowell has been with us since July of 2007. She joined the team after retiring from her job at BellSouth/ATT, where she worked for 30 years. "Drs. Hillier and O'Neal had been my pet's doctors for many years," she says. "And I had always thought I would like to work in a veterinary hospital after retirement. It was a match meant to be!" Beth recently retired from her position as office manager but still volunteers here, assisting in a variety of areas throughout the hospital.

Beth has a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering and Master's degree in Management of Technology, both from Georgia Tech. At home, Beth and her husband Gary have two dogs: Shih Tzu mixes Ginny and Carlie.

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The staff at South Forsyth Animal HospitalCharlie Matthews, Groomer

Charlie Matthews joined our team in January of 2015. He has over 13 years of experience in the animal care field. A highlight of his job is bringing a freshly groomed pet out and seeing the positive reaction from their owner.

"I like working at South Forsyth Animal Hospital because their vision of customer service and helping pets and their owners perfectly matches my own," says Charlie.

At home, Charlie has four dogs: Chloe, a Boston terrier; Boston terrier/French bulldog mixes named Cash and Kai; and a Chihauhua named Little. He also has 3 cats named Penny, Beans and Jasper, as well as a milk snake named Stripey Snake. In his free time he enjoys gardening, hunting, hiking, cooking, and spending time with his wife Nichole and three sons.

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